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Jun 2, 2024

Today, we are honored to welcome Lou Valoze, the host of the new series Operation Undercover on Investigation Discovery, and Max to The VinnyRoc podcast. Lou is a former highly decorated federal agent who spent 26 years working undercover on some of the nation's most high-profile and dangerous cases. Throughout his storied career, Lou infiltrated home invasion crews, outlaw motorcycle gangs, organized crime families and even posed as a hitman in a murder-for-hire scheme. The intense psychological toll of living these dual lives took an immense mental burden on Lou. He will share with us today the coping strategies and wellness practices he relied upon to maintain his mental fortitude during those darkest undercover operations. Lou is uniquely qualified to discuss the intense psychological stress and trauma that can come with working in high-risk law enforcement roles. Despite the challenges, Lou persevered through mental grit and discipline to become one of history's most accomplished undercover operatives. He is the only agent ever to purchase over 1,000 crime guns during investigations aimed at taking guns off the street. His pioneering storefront operation tactics earned him numerous awards and created an innovative blueprint for combating illegal gun crime. Please join me in welcoming Lou Valoze, a true American hero, as we delve into the mindset, mental health strategies, and overall wellness required to survive while living undercover in the criminal underworld.