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May 26, 2024

Get ready to dive deep into a conversation that's all about healing, growth, and finding your true path.

Today, we're joined by an extraordinary guest, Steve Fielding. Steve's a father, a storyteller, a lover of the natural world, and a passionate advocate for men's mental health and wellness.

He's walked his own transformative journey, experiencing the power of breathwork, plant medicine, and authentic relating. And now, he's dedicated to sharing his wisdom and experience to help other men do the inner work this world so desperately needs.

Steve's a facilitator of Soma+IQ Breathwork, a guide in initiatory rites of passage, and a producer of men's weekends focused on healing and connection. He's also training as a transformational integration coach, helping others integrate their own profound experiences into daily life.

With a deep appreciation for indigenous cultures and a commitment to collaboration over competition, Steve is a true catalyst for change. You can find him on Instagram @steven.fielding.

So, buckle up, listeners, because this conversation is going to be powerful, insightful, and maybe even a little transformative. Let's welcome Steve Fielding to the VinnyRoc podcast!

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