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Dec 29, 2023

Rob Dyer's extensive career spans over 27 years in military and government service, showcasing a remarkable journey through various high-stakes and specialized roles. His experience includes serving in Marine Fighter Attack Squadrons as an F/A-18D Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) and engaging in high-level operations with Force Recon, SOCOM, and JSOC as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller. His expertise extends to the intelligence community as a DoD Civilian and as a Subject Matter Expert for Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Systems.

Dyer's decorated service record is punctuated by numerous combat deployments across diverse global theaters such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, and Africa, where he took on critical roles as an aviator, Force Recon FAC, MARSOC Air Officer, and JTAC. His impeccable service record is a testament to his commitment and skill.

In addition to his military career, Dyer has leveraged his experience and leadership in the entrepreneurial world. He is the Director of Sales at Anomaly Six LLC, CEO of Eagle Technologies Group, and CEO of RuckPack LLC, demonstrating his ability to lead and innovate in the business sector. His role at Magpul Industries in International Sales further exemplifies his versatile professional skills.

Dyer's academic background is equally impressive, with a focus on economics at the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Financial Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. His education complements his field experience, providing a solid foundation for his various leadership roles in both military and civilian sectors.

Throughout his career, Rob Dyer has exemplified the qualities of a dedicated leader, skilled aviator, and innovative entrepreneur. His commitment to service and ability to adapt to multiple high-level roles across different environments make him a distinguished professional and an inspiring figure in both military and business communities.


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